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10th October 15

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A web page full of support and help for your child's learning. It supports the work we are doing with the Oxfordshire Reading Campaign. Along with hints and support it has over 260 free ebooks.

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Parent View gives parents the opportunity to tell Ofsted what you think about our school.

You are asked to complete a questionnaire giving your opinion on 12 aspects of Great Milton C of E Primary School. These range from the quality of teaching to policies to which the school works and more. Ofsted uses this information when making decisions on which schools to inspect and when to inspect them.

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Posted: 9th Sep 2014

Sharing Assemblies this term:

Hawk Owls    12.9.14
Eagle Owls   26.9.14
Boreal Owls   10.10.14
Tawny Owls   7.11.14
Elf Owls     21.11.14
Barn Owls   5.12.14
Snowy Owls  12.12.14

Please note these dates are different to the incorrect ones published in the September Newsletter.

Please can we remind parents to use the hall back doors to come in so as not to block the entrance and where the children come in. Also if you are running late, the children are now presenting their assembly from that end of the hall and coming in the school doors would disturb the performance.

If your child uses the School Bus service, but you have come to sharing assembly and are taking them home PLEASE inform the office or the staff taking the bus register. We are often keeping the bus waiting while we look for children supposed to be on the bus and find they have already left.